AENCO Community Migration to a New and Upgraded Utility Token:
15th June, 2020

Dear Aenco community members, friends, and supporters,

As a socially responsible company, Aenco sees the safeguarding of token utility and safety of user assets amongst our core values. Therefore we seek to maintain your trust by enacting timely positive changes and technology upgrades when we see evolving circumstances demand it.

With appreciation to the confidence and support from our community members, business partners, and investors, Aenco is pleased to announce a community migration of AEN tokens, to a technologically-upgraded token contract distributed as the AEN Smart (AENS) Token.

The upgraded AENS Token showcases added technology and user safety protection, mainly as strengthened technical features and protective measures for token holders:

The AENS Token adopts substantial shift from the computation of older Ethereum versions to recent versions, thereby enabling further enhancements in the technical operations of the utility token. The new AENS smart contract is coded with the latest add-on capabilities pertaining to whitelisting, blacklisting, as well as pause and burn features, which the previous AEN Token did not possess, to facilitate sustainable business operations, compliance evaluation, and user flexibility.

All current AEN Token holders are eligible to receive a ONE-for-ONE token airdrop in AENS Token that was commenced on 15 June 2020 at 0600 AM (UTC). The new AENS Tokens are reflected in the same wallet accounts holding AEN Tokens. The amount of AENS tokens airdropped is based on a snapshot of AEN wallet balance taken at 0600AM (UTC). The overall token supply remains to be unchanged at 4,000,000,000 AENS.

We invite all AEN Token holders to check their existing AEN holding wallets for the new AENS Tokens; should you have any problems seeing them, kindly approach our customer support team at [email protected].

As before, we have coordinated with our exchange partners to ensure that AENS Tokens are traded on LATOKEN and Digifinex, and in full replacement to the previously listed AEN Token. We seek to ensure that this community migration and value transfer is seamless as possible for all our supporters and shall ensure that the anticipated token utility within the Aenco ecosystem remain unchanged.

Additionally, Aenco will be applying timely changes in relation to this migration across CoinMarketCap, Etherscan, and other informative platforms. Please stay tuned!

If you have any enquires in relation to the upgraded AENS Token, please contact us by email at [email protected] or our official Telegram groups:

We thank you for your ongoing support!

Best regards,

The Aenco Team

[email protected]

AENCO 崭新里程: AEN SMART (AENS) 优化版令牌

新爱的 Aenco 社群成员、朋友和支持者,

Aenco 秉承企业社会责任,尽心维护Aenco代币的资产实用性,并视用户安全为核心价值之一。科技日新月异, 我们因时制宜,与时并进,积极推动合乎市场需要的技术提升,从而优化资产价值及服务。

有赖我们的社群成员、合作伙伴和投资者的信任和支持,Aenco 宣布将 AENCOIN(AEN)代币升级到技术优化版的代币合约,即 AEN Smart(AENS) 代币

升级版 AENS 令牌增添更多技术和用户安全的保障,为资产持有者提供更强韧、持续的技术功能拓展和保养方法。

AENS 令牌的重大技术突破之一,乃采用了更新版以太坊的计算法,从而增强令牌的程序操作。AENS 最新的智能合约编码亦涵盖白名单、黑名单,以及暂停和刻录功能有关的附加功能,以促进可持续业务运营、合规性评估和用户灵活性。

当前所有 AEN 资产持有者均具资格获得AENS令牌的一对一空投对换,该空投于2020年6月15日世界标准时间上午6时开始实施。新的 AENS 令牌 将显示在持有 AEN 令牌的相同钱包帐的户中。AENS 代币空投的数量是基于在上午0600(世界标准时间)拍摄AEN钱包余额的截图。代币的总供应量依然维持不变,即 4,000,000,000 AENS。

我们诚邀诸位 AEN 代币持有人检查现持有有 AEN 的钱包, 並查阅更新版 AENS 代币是否收妥;如遇上任何问题,请发电邮到 [email protected] 与我们的客户服务团队联系。

此外,我们依旧与交换合作伙伴进行了协调,已确保AENS代币可在 LATOKEN 和 Digifinex 上进行交易,并完全替代以前列出的AEN代币。我们力求确保无缝的技术迁移和价值转移,巩固 Aenco 生态系统中预期的资产价值。

此外,Aenco 将针对 CoinMarketCap,Etherscan 和其他讯息平台作出数据更新。敬请期待!

若有关于升级版 AENS 令牌的疑问,请通过电邮联系我们: [email protected];或加入我们的官方电报组:


您的 Aenco 团队

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